Not… very good at getting that stuff down. Filling my head with sketches is no problem, but putting them on paper, you know, not so much. Mainly because I’m such a perfectionist with a performance anxiety that with the few I manage to actually get down, I usually go straight for the big project without any real warm up.

Well, I made a promise to myself to sketch more and more often and not being such a big critic about it, blowing it up and feel I always HAVE to go all big and serious straight away. I have very little patience when it comes to this part of the process.

So, this wednesday I bought one of these beautiful classic Moleskine notebooks to encourage myself to LET GO(in a pretty framing), actually getting more ideas down on paper(not just in writing on my phone), letting them grow in the directions they take me and then decide if I want to go forward with them or not. It really sounds basic, but I find it hard. Because I am, kind of hard on myself that is and I think I need to be it just a little bit less.

I immediately felt inspired just having bought the book, so breaking it in(I felt the need to get it over with almost right away) I wanted to get something down I thought of on my way home on the subway.

Maybe it’s just me chewing up that nitpicking part of myself.

critters_1 critters_2