Våt Ängsmark/Wet Meadowland)

“Fitta” is sort of the swedish equivalent for the word “cunt”, a word that is misused for belittling and as a swear word. It’s kind of harsh, especially when it’s believed origin comes from an old nordic word meaning wet meadowland, and that sounds just BEAUTIFUL!

So, in the name of beauty I went and I got myself a pussy posse, all fitting under the category of Fitta.

In order of appearence(from left to right); Snäckan(The Seashell), Kärleksgrottan(The Love Cave), Musslan(The Clam), Blomman(The Flower), Pärlan(The Pearl) and Snippan(not translatable?)

The album is also available to view on my Facebook page.

Spread some love and beauty people. It is, after all that day of the year!

the_seashell_700x933Snäckan(The Seashell)

the_love_cave_700x933Kärleksgrottan(The Love Cave)

the_clam_700x933Musslan(The Clam)

the_flower_700x933Blomman(The Flower)

the_pearl_700x933Pärlan(The Pearl)

snippan_700x933Snippan(not translatable?)